“Throughout my career as a working artist, I’ve continually broadened my range of skills, preferring to explore rather than focus on one particular medium. While that approach has been immensely enjoyable and has strengthened my range of core competencies to the benefit of my design and illustration clients, I feel I’m left with a rather indiscernible style in regards to my personal work. While I’m nowhere in their league, I like to think I at least share the work ethic of some of the fathers of modern illustration: Loomis, Leyendecker, Rockwell and Elvgren who simply got up every day, bent to their tables and easels and tirelessly strove to improve under deadline after deadline. I love what I do, and whether or not I ever find a discernible style one day, I’ll continue to have so much fun trying to find it that if I ever do, I may just pretend I never did.”

William von Dehl exhibits his paintings, drawings and prints primarily in Scottsdale, South Pasadena and Los Angeles. Married for over 20 years, he and his wife have two children and he works from his home studio creating advertising, marketing and retail packaging for a diverse range of Fortune 100 clients.